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Destino Balneário Camboriú located 80 km from the center of Florianópolis, famous for its Atlantic avenue that shows the majesty of its large buildings, bars, restaurants and shopping centers that are a few meters from the beach.


Balneario Camboriú has the privilege of saying that it is one of the large cities with the highest quality of life in all of Brazil, the place is truly incredible and every year it prepares to receive the thousands of tourists who visit its coasts.


We will find the famous Unipraias Park with its 47 cable cars, an area of ​​3,250 meters of beautiful landscapes in the middle of the Atlantic forest , with the option of going to a paradisiacal Laranjeiras beach.



Balneario Camboriú 🇧🇷
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Vista desde 230 metros de altura en parq
Postal Baln. Camboriú
Camboriú vista aérea



Bondinho: It is a modern cable car that takes you to see Barra Sur, Mata Atlântica station (240 meters above sea level) and finally Playa de Laranjeiras, where you will have enough time to photograph the best postcards from panoramic points of the city.





Youhooo !: It is a modern bullet train where the speed is controlled by the user, traveling the best slopes of the Unipraias park from the top of the park to sea level.




Zip Rider will make you fly like you have never imagined before, it has the fastest, longest and most modern zip line in South America.




Fantástica Floresta: It all begins at the ticket office, which is located inside an immense sculpted tree, the habitat of a friendly elf who peeks out of the window from time to time. Walking the roads it will be possible to observe various magical attractions within the Atlantic forest.


Daily departures


r $ 150,00

Per person.

Estimated excursion time:


8 hours approximately.


Price includes:


Roundtrip transfer in a tourist vehicle,

Bilingual guide.

Cable car ticket

Buffet lunch


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