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To be great, we must work like great . Our vision and values ​​are focused on teamwork, honesty, transparency, camaraderie and above all a lot of effort.


Our services offered are innovative and differential, without discriminating any segment, be it political, social or religious, thus giving added value to each member of our Copihue family.


Our philosophy is present in the entire chain of collaborators that make up Copihue Turismo, from our managers, operators, guides, drivers among many others.


Organizations such as UNICEF (United Nations International Children's Emergency Fund), UNWTO (world tourism organization) SENAME (National Service for Minors), among others, created a campaign to prevent development tourism can be used as an instrument to promote the sexual exploitation of minors.


Copihue Turismo and all its collaborators join this cause by making an invitation to our clients to join this initiative, and together thus build sustainable tourism.



“Una visión sin acción no pasa de un sueño, acción sin visión solo es un pasatiempo, pero una visión con acción puede cambiar el mundo”. (Joel Barker, Autor)


  • Principal agencia de turismo en la región sur de Brasil 

  • Startups más innovadora de Santa Catarina


"Encuentra gente que comparta tus valores, y conquistaran juntos el mundo" (John Ratzenberger, Autor)


  • Integridad

  • Lealtad

  • Agradecimiento

  • Pasión

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